Adin Ross Discuses a North Korean Stream with Kick Co-Founder Eddie Craven

Adin Ross, one of the most influential gambling streamers, considers streaming an interview with none other than Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. Although still just an idea, the stream in North Korea was proposed by Kick co-founder Eddie Craven himself.

Kick is a fast-growing competitor of Twitch that boasts better paychecks, a freer platform and an overall different strategy. Aiming to appeal to all content creators who have been wronged by its Amazon-owned rival, Kick has since become a haven for streamers of gambling content.

Adin Ross used to be one of the most influential slots streamers on Twitch. However, chat controversies led to his forceful departure from the platform. In early 2023, Ross signed a contract with Kick, returning to producing content on a regular basis.

His past few months with Kick saw Ross comment on his situation, talking about his addiction to alcohol and lean and disclosing that he had been swatted on multiple occasions. However, one of the most curious developments is Craven’s suggestion to have Ross stream from North Korea.

Craven Wants to Show Off North Koreans’ World

During one of Adin Ross’ recent streams, he discussed the idea of holding a live stream in North Korea with Craven. The latter said that he is quite interested in giving North Korean people the chance to “show off their world.”

Ross jokingly responded that “maybe he was born on here to solve world peace” and said that he’d do it. The content creator then addressed North Korea’s leader himself and said that he’d be happy to go out on a launch with him and interview him personally.

Kim Jong Un, I would love to come to North Korea, I would love to step foot in your country. I would like to go ou lodi291 t on a nice launch with you. Mister Kim Jong, I’d love to interview you, okay?

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Adin Ross, professional streamer

It is uncertain how serious Ross and Craven are about this interview. Even if they are, the likelihood of such a stream or interview taking place is close to nil. However, visiting North Korea isn’t outside the realm of possibility so maybe Ross will one day step foot in the country, sharing his impressions with his fans upon his return.

In other Kick-related news, the platform recently penned a major partnership agreement with Everton FC. Under the agreement, the streaming service’s logo will feature on the athletes’ jersey sleeves.