Betby Completes the Separation of Its eSports Solution

The award-winning and fast-growing iGaming operator, Betby, announced it completed the isolation of its eSports solution.

Betby Separates Esports Solution

The company said Monday that the isolation was completed to add value to its client base. As a result, now, Betby can leverage its eSports solution as an individual arm. What’s more, by combining in-depth official data through a variety of partnerships, Betby enables its solution to cover a variety of popular eSports competitions. Currently, Betby features more than 20,000 eSports events monthly within 22 different disciplines. This generates a total of 56,000 events that esports fans can bet on every month. 

“Betby, the innovative sportsbook supplier, has completed the isolation of its eSports solution to ensure it can be added to operator’s brands as an individual arm, further adding value to its client base,“

reads a statement released by Betby

What’s more, the company’s eSports solution includes Betby.Games, a proprietary offering that features eight different products from 30 leagues. This, according to Betby guarantees “30 live events concurrently.” Additionally, Betby.Games also offers a plethora of customizable features as well as a complete suite of business tools.

The Separation Creates New Growth Opportunities

Leonid Pertsovskiy, Betby’s CEO, revealed that the company can offer unrivaled betting experiences for players via its eSports and Betby.Games solutions. He explained that by isolating its eSports solution as a standalone product and not a part of its sportsbook, the company can now connect with a bigger client base. 

“Our eSports and Betby.Games offerings allow us to bring the highest quality of betting experiences to players.“

Leonid Pertsovskiy, CEO at Betby

Pertsovskiy said that this marks a strategic move for the company that can he jili777 lp it expand its potential and create new growth opportunities. In conclusion, he predicted further growth for Betby which can now link deals with more operators and expand its global presence.

“Naturally, this significantly expands its potential, allowing us to work with more operators and further expand BETBY’s presence globally,”

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added Pertsovskiy

Founded in 2018, Betby is currently a leading software provider that is focused on growth via innovation. The company constantly improves its sportsbook offering by leveraging AI, machine learning and integrating quality data feeds. Ultimately, Betby is after becoming the go-to partner for businesses interested in offering state-of-the-art software and growing exponentially on a global scale.