China Busts $3.9B Illegal Gambling Ring That Targeted Korea

China is often a meddler when it comes to gambling, its citizens, and overseas destinations. On this occasion, though, the country has reciprocated and showed that its desire to micromanage gambling industries beyond its borders is not just a show act. On Sunday, law enforcement in Incheon conducted a raid which resulted in the arrest of a number of suspects who are tied to an illegal gambling ring which was based in the country and targeted Korean players.

One of the Biggest and Most Elusive Gambling Busts

The ring is said to have generated $3.9 billion in illegal gambling proceeds. A total of 20 people were arrested, and 171 others will be prosecuted but have not been detained. The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency reported that the culprits have been involved with the illegal operations since January 2014, but it took authorities eight years to unearth the operations. The gambling websites have been able to stay hidden from authorities by constantly shifting their headquarters and giving police authorities the slip.

Non-essential participants were not privy to the operation that well either. The illegal ring also had people in Korea it appears. The illegal ring was also able to migrate its operations from China to Korea and back to avoid crackdowns which have been shutting down thousands of websites.

China’s position on gambling has been well-known. The country has been rumored to intervene heavily overseas in places such as Cambodia and the Philippines, urging local authorities to ensure that Chinese citizens do not fall victim or are not exploited by illegal operations. The country has made a similar effort domestically, shutting down thousands and arresting thousands.

China encourages people to report others if they have information that a person is running illegal gambling businesses or in any way participating in one. People who have served on low levels of such organizations are also encouraged to step forward for a chance to clear their names.

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Cracking Down on Illegal Gambling Is the Status Quo

China has been determined to eradicate gambling-related crime in all of its territories that it controls directly or indirectly. The Special Administrative Regions of Macau and Hong Kong have also been targeted by sweeps against illeg riches777 al gambling. Macau cracked down heavily on its junket operator industry with the arrest of Alvin Chau and other prominent junket bosses. Last week, authorities in Hong Kong busted an illegal gambling ring which managed to proceed close to $5 million in total wagers.