IGT “Wheel of Fortune” slot pays out BIG in Vegas

Last weekend proved to be profitable for slot players who hit big jackpots in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the two lucky winners, who, according to an email from an IGT spokeswoman, chose to remain anonymous, both hit while playing IGT’s “Wheel of Fortune,” but at different locations.

Located in the Charleston Heights area of Las Vegas, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur was the scene of the first big win when on Saturday, the IGT “Wheel of Fortune” Lucky 7s jackpot hit somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.67 million. The $1 progressive game resets at $1 million, its base amount.

Then on Sunday, Wynn Las Vegas on The Strip was the site of the second big win, when the jackpot totaling about $343,000 hit on the IGT “Wheel of Fortune” Triple Hot Ice game. The $0.25 progressive game resets to its base amount of $200,000.

The big win weekend actually kicked off on Friday, however, when a player at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas won $400,000 while playing 100 Play Triple Double Bonus video poker in the casino’s high-limit room. The lucky player hit the payload when he or she was dealt four aces with a kicker. The news agency reports that a spokeswoman for the hotel stated in an email that the winner’s name was not available.

And how was YOUR weekend?

The game developer (usually) pays the jackpots, even though the casino might pay the winner directly. Depending on where you play, payments are usually made on the spot in one installment. Typically, IGT progressive jackpots offer a lump sum payment in an amount that is less than the actual jackpot or the winner may choose to receive th 7BALL eir money in annual installments spread over a number of years.

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