PokerStars Testing Sidebet Feature

PokerStars is in the process of testing a new feature that allows players to place sidebets.

Sidebets May Soon Be Introduced at Pokerstars

Sidebets are fun way for players to add a whole new level of excitement to hands when playing poker in land-based environments – and, it will soon be an option for online players. PokerStars is currently in the process of testing sidebets, allowing players to wager on which cards they think they will be dealt and which cards will be dealt on the flop.

As part of the new sidebet testing program, players will be able to bet on the outcome of their hands. Before the hand begins, players can bet on what cards they will receive. They can also wager on what cards will show up on the flop.

All of these bets will be made against the house, ratherthan against other players. The money that players wager will be deducted fromtheir total balance instead of being taken from their chips at the table.

If you’ve ever played poker in a brick-and-mortar venue, you may have noticed the regulars making sidebets. However, it’s more likely that you’ve seen sidebets on poker television shows like High Stakes Poker. Pros love the thrill of potentially making more money at the poker table, and will bet on all sorts of outcomes, whether it’s what cards they will be dealt or the total of the cards in their hands. There are plenty of options for poker side bets.

It’s an interesting way to spice up the gameplay, especially if a player is getting particularly unlucky during the main game. While PokerStars’ sidebets won’t be wagered between the players, it still adds extra thrill to the online poker gami 291bet ng experience.

Several New Additions to PokerStars

This is an interesting addition to PokerStars’ ever-growinglist of new features. The company’s most recently added feature was All-InCash-Out, which allows players to take a cash payout for their hand.

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Once the player actives this option, the house considers the equity of their hand. If it’s accepted, then players will receive a payout that is equal to their equity’s value – and a 1% fee will be deducted for the house. The payment comes from PokerStars instead of the other players so, if the player who has used All-In Cash Out wins, PokerStars will collect the pot.

There is no timeline yet for PokerStars’ new sidebetfeature. All we know for sure is that it is being tested by an exclusive groupof players. When it is launched publicly, there is the chance that it will comewith more betting features for online poker players to enjoy.