Record-breaking bad beat jackpot hit at Motor City Casino

A bad beat jackpot is not uncommon at casinos across the United States. Gaming venues offer the option to poker players as an extra incentive to play certain poker games in the hopes of earning a major jackp 7BALL ot prize. The Motor City Casino of Detroit is one such venue that offers a bad beat jackpot, with players vying to be the loser of a poker hand in order to win big bucks. The casino just recently announced the jackpot was finally hit, after reaching over $1 million!

The bad beat jackpot at the Motor City Casino was hit on January 16th for a total of $1,068,590.80. This amount is the largest ever hit for a bad beat jackpot in the history of the United States. According to, a player named Scott of Oxford, MI had the losing hand and would win the majority of the jackpot. Scott would have quad 3s that were beaten by a player named Kenneth, who held four queens.

For the bad beat, Scott would earn a jackpot totaling $427,452.52 while Kenneth would earn $213,712.76 for the win. The other four players at the poker table would take home $106,856.28 just for being involved in the hand.

The bad beat jackpot at the Motor City Casino is played in Texas Hold’em style. A player who hits any four of a kind and is beaten by another four of a kind, the jackpot is activated. Both players have to complete the hand with pocket pairs and the two players must both have four of a kind. The player who is the loser of the hand will earn 40% of the jackpot while the winner takes home 20%. Any remaining players at the table will take home a split of the remaining 40% of the jackpot. There can be as many as eight remaining players at the table.

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