Sightline’s New Deposit+ Tool Taps into Idle Slot Cash  

Sightline Payments, a provider of award-winning cashless, mobile, and loyalty solutions, has introduced a revolutionary new solu kagame tion called Deposit+. The latest addition to Sightline’s arsenal was described as a “groundbreaking new tool that empowers casinos to access all idle cash across the entire slot floor.”

The new solution provides casino operators with daily access to cash that is sitting idle in slot machines and TITO kiosks, allowing clients to optimize their working capital. In addition, Deposit+ helps casinos optimize their drop schedules since cash is credited to the bank account.

Sightline also noted that Deposit+ is not a lending product – according to the company, it simply provides gambling companies with access to cash that would otherwise be sitting idly in machines. By using the solution, operators can earn daily provisional credit across slot devices, reduce outstanding debt and make further investments.

Deposit+ is notably a tool without any hardware or software requirements. The solution works with casino operators’ existing casino management systems. And provides daily reports through the Sightline system.

The New Solution Answers the Industry’s Demands

Some of Sightline’s leaders commented on the release of Deposit+. Omer Sattar, the company’s chief executive officer, noted that there is an estimated $3 billion in slot cash and another $2 billion in TITO operators can tap into thanks to the new solution.

Deposit+ gives operators access to that cash, freeing up stuck capital, maximizing cash flow, and putting the entire industry in a powerful reinvestment position.

Omer Sattar, CEO, Sightline Payments

Tom Pierro, the company’s senior vice president of product management, also commented on the release, saying that Deposit+ answers a need operators have had for decades. He said that until today, cash stuck in slot machines was an untapped potential.

Now, we are thrilled to introduce Deposit+ and add another powerful tool to operators’ revenue capabilities.

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Tom Pierro, SVP product management, Sightline Payments

Lastly, Kirk Olson, the company’s senior vice president of sales, expressed the company’s desire to innovate and introduce new solutions for its casino partners.

Now with Deposit+, operators finally have the solution they have been waiting for, giving them access to their cash, freeing them to pay down debt more rapidly and to make investments without accruing additional debt.

 Kirk Olson, SVP sales, Sightline Payments

Operators can learn more about the solution by visiting Sightline during its upcoming appearance at G2E.