Vegas casinos to limit poker tables to four players upon reopening

Late last week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board released policies of health and safety within casinos when reopening begins. Operators are to follow these guidelines in order to resume gaming operations during the coronavirus pandemic. With the new policies, there will be a limited number of players at the poker table, with only a max of four allowed. Similar seating will be offered at other table games.

New Policies:

The Board decided to limit seating at gaming tables in order to continue to practice social distancing but still opening casinos. Poker and roulette tables will be limited to four. For the craps table, a total of six players at each game. For blackjack, only three players can be seated at one time.

According to the source…

For the game of poker, the restrictions create a problem for certain gaming options, such as six-max or full ring games. Poker tournaments are also on hold as they require far more players to be in one space. It will probably be some time before poker tournaments will be back in action as the rules will need to be relaxed greatly and the virus a lesser concern.

Casino Reopening Requirements:

For a Nevada casino to reopen, they must provide a plan to the Board that outlines how they will stay in compliance with regulations. The plans must include only 50% capacity in the beginning. Table limits and social distancing measures are to be implemented as well as proper signs posted in the building reminding those inside of hygiene needs.

Hand washing must be mandated for employees during a break as well as personal protective equipment provided. Mask and fascial coverings are to be worn by employees and cleaning procedures enhanced on-site.

Casinos must provide their plan at least seven days before the property reopens. 7BALL The guidelines released by the Board do not provide an exact date for when the venues will be allowed to reopen. Governor Steve Sisolak has not given the go-ahead or provided a projected date just yet.

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