Vpower and mobadoo Continue Esports Journey Together

BetConnections will now work with mobadoo, which specializes in the distribution of leading esports betting content and helps operators strengthen their operational standing in the vertical, or altogether set a firm foothold in the vertical.

BetConnections Set to Expand in Esports Betting

Mobadoo prides itself as an “esports trailblazer,” which puts it in a very strong position when it comes to sportsbooks and dedicated esports betting sites with the products they need to attract and retain esports bettors. BetConnections’ offers mobadoo with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate its product offering and reach an expansive selection of partners.

Presently, mobadoo offers both fantasy esports and esports betting, along with virtual esports betting, making it one of the most comprehensive suppliers on the market. Through its tie-up with BetConnections, mobadoo will also be able to access important and fast-expanding markets such as Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, allowing both companies to significantly strengthen their presence in these important markets.

BetConnections CEO Jesus Rafael Campos welcomed the opportunity to see his platform strengthen its product offer and variety once again. Campos said:

Adding mobadoo’s esports titles onto our platform will bring many benefits to our partners across LatAm.

BetConnections CEO Jesus Rafael Campos

Mobadoo has also responded to the news and said that Mcluck BetConnections is indeed a particularly important partner which has a very strong position in the Latin American market, allowing the two companies to now push forward and strengthen their presence in the region, and naturally – in esports betting.

Entering New Markets and Esports Mainstream Shift

Companies have been hurrying to strengthen their presence in the esports betting vertical. STS recently announced that it is joining Twain Sport, a BetGames product, to improve its standing in the virtual esports betting space.

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Meanwhile, jurisdictions that have previously not welcomed esports betting are now opening up. GG.Bet has entered the regulated market in the United Kingdom, which is a milestone event for the entire industry. GG.Bet is one of the best-established esports betting companies in the world and its entry into one of the heaviest regulated markets indicates that the operator has every intention to be successful.

In the meantime, companies such as Vpower have already established themselves as powerhouses in esports, proving that the vertical can have a very strong net benefit for businesses.